/ˈkʌtə / (say 'kutuh)

1. someone or something that cuts.
a. an instrument, machine, tool, etc., which cuts.
b. the part of certain cutting machines such as shavers, wool shearers' handpieces, etc., the blade or blades of which move backwards and forwards across the comb as the hair, wool, etc., is cut: I need a new cutter and comb.
c. a blade for cutting, often designed so that the end can be broken off when it becomes blunt, leaving a new sharp edge.
3. a hairdresser who specialises in cutting hair: she's a good cutter.
4. a single-masted sailing vessel carrying fore-and-aft sails consisting of a mainsail and two or more headsails.
5. a medium-sized boat for rowing or sailing, or a launch, belonging to a warship.
6. Also, revenue cutter. British a light-armed government vessel, used to prevent smuggling and enforce customs regulations.
7. Cricket a ball which strikes the ground on its seam, and suddenly changes direction.
a. canecutter (def. 1).
b. timber-getter.
9. run the cutter, Obsolete Colloquial to buy beer at a bar in a billy can for consumption elsewhere.

Australian English dictionary. 2014.

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